The initial portfolio of IMA+ is composed by seven research and development projects, aimed at technological solutions in three technological areas:

Advanced Systems in Reliability and Maintenance

The challenges of real-time monitoring, non-productive times, predictability and resource management, equipment availability, among others, will be addressed by the research experts of the Universidad de Chile and the Universidad de Santiago. The purpose of this technological area is to develop three commercial level solutions:

Related projects:

Project 1
Monitoring and prognosis fault systems for industrial equipment using deep learning tools.

Project 7
Predictive systems to support the maintenance management of industrial assets based on computational intelligence tools.

Project 4
Development of a device that integrates biosensors and labor fatigue prognosis methodologies.

Digital Twins

A Digital Twin refers to a digital replica of a physical systems, in which operations can be modeled, monitored and controlled in real time. In addition, it is possible to simulate, test and evaluate changes without negatively affecting the system operation and being able to implement those changes that have a positive effect.

Related project:

Project 2
Development of Digital Twin solutions to optimize and control in real-time production lines

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Advanced Automation and Robotics.

Performing a correct analysis in real-time for making critical decisions,  avoiding security failures or reparins and recovering part, are just some of the challenges that the industry requires today.

Related projects:

Project 3
Development of an automatic system for manufacturing and recovering metallic parts by additive manufacturing.

Project 5
Autonomous navigation of frontal loaders (LHD) in underground mining.

Project 6
Haptic tele-operation of manipulator for rocks fracture.