The Project

The Chilean and global manufacturing industry faces several challenges in productivity and flexibility due to the technological development that characterizes the 4th Industrial Revolution.

To achieve higher levels of productivity, quality and flexibility in the manufacturing and services industries, it is necessary to monitor and control the processes involved in real-time. Additionally, it’s required to test and evaluate changes in the operation or processes without affecting the productivity negatively, allowing the implementation of changes that benefit the factory or manufacturing line. Digital Twin solutions of processes and products enable this capability, becoming a useful tool for the decision making in the manufacturing industry and services.

This project’s team is made up by a group of academics with vast experience in Advanced Manufacturing from the Universidad de Chile and Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana.

Our technological development will allow the industry to:
  • Through this type of solutions, it is possible to create a scalable tool that allows the identification and definition of improvements in processes and manufacturing lines.

  • With a Digital Twin tool, it would be possible to optimize raw materials, machine usage and energy consumption, achieving higher levels of productivity and contributing the transition to a circular economy.

The group of Advanced Manufacturing of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Universidad de Chile has extensive knowledge and experience in R&D projects, including research, design, manufacturing and testing of physical and virtual prototypes in areas like solar thermal energy, and equipment manufacturing. Meanwhile, the experience of the Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana lies in the application of mechanical solutions directly with the industry, through the technological program PROTEN which has 15 years of experience working in the manufacturing sector. In addition, el team has experts in industrial automation and development of industrial projects. 



Dr. Williams Calderón
Project Director 

Sebastián Tolvett
Alternate Director

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