The Project

In mining, rockbreakers are usually tele-operated from a control room located in a safe place. The operator active the electro-valves that control the hydraulic system that moves the rockbreakers using joysticks and buttons.


The current setup does not allow the operator properly perceive the actions of the rockbreakers in the environment because its sensors are limited to a visual camera. This issue causes damaged to the rockbreakers (for example, when it´s activated without being in contact with the rock).


It is necessary to enhance the operator’s perception to improve teleoperation of the rockbreakers. With this information, the operator could make decisions that are more precise and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

Our technological development will allow the industry to:
  • The result of the project is a system that allows the operator of the hammer to have a better perception of the work environment, and thereby improve the actions that are carried out in the process of fracturing rocks.

To develop this project, the Advanced Mining Technologies Center (AMTC) will implement first a simulator to make a proof of concept where the environment, the sensors and the hammer will be recreate. With the sensory information, the environment will be modeled. It will also provide the operator with a feedback of the external forces when the hammer collide with objects in the work environment (haptic interface).

Dr. Mauricio Correa
Project Director

Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar
Alternate Director

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